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Agarwala group is an industrial organization based in West Bengal. We provide you with services from automotive to agro to accommodation fields. We, here at Agarwala group, care about nature as well, and for that, we have initialized energy and water-efficient structure. Agarwala group is known for its corporate social responsibilities and have been involved in many economic projects for the people.

We focus on delivering the finest quality products at the best price in the market. Our primary motive is to create such a customer base so that they can not get room to complain about our products and thus creating a strong professional bond with the customer... Read More


We, at Agarwala Group, ensure we deliver the best quality materials to our customers and we have acquired the industry expert.

Price and Delivery

Agarwala group always concentrates on providing the best value for the business. If a customer is willing to put their trust in our ventures.

Secured Transaction

We ensure that all the transactions that take place while purchasing something from our wide range of businesses are getting done in a safe and secured way.

Return Policy

If any of our products upon delivery are found faulty or damaged, the customers can return the product without any hassle.

Our Ventures

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